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    Colourful Coconut, Açaí & Jarina Beads Earrings

    Intensely Hued Coconut

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    Light Wooden Bracelet

    Caramel Inspiration

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    Golden Grass Type Earring

    Dreams Catcher

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about us


 “Natural is Best and you deserve to have the Best!”

Indians and artisans often create their designs only once and that is why some of the products are only available in one unique copy (eg. bio - jewellery), giving it an outstanding exclusivity for its owner.

Through dedication, hard work, expertise, and a genuine love of nature, we have grown to become the purveyor of natural, untreated jewellery.

With the fresh launch of our e-commerce website we now offer our customers the complete catalogue of our inventory online as well as the traditional way and direct experience with personal appointments.

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