who we are


We are a worldwide retailer of specialised handmade jewellery. Most of our collection comes from Brazil and Peru. Some of our products are made by artisans and indigenous peoples of Latin America.

Our "ethnic" jewellery is made from seeds found in the Amazon area, such as Açaí, Jarina and Maramara (morototó), but also from Flamboyant, Jequirity seeds, coconut, resin and other natural materials. Our bracelets and necklaces are based on the macrame knot which comes from the ancient art of knotting which does not use needles, wires or crochets.

Natural Beauty Craft

why choose us?

The designs are unique as they are handmade by local artisans. This makes each item of jewellery a unique piece.
Jewellery with different styles, but something for everyone!

Through dedication, hard work, expertise, and a genuine love of nature, we have grown to become the distributor of natural jewellery.

With the fresh launch of our e-commerce website we now offer our customers our complete catalogue of our inventory online as well as the traditional way and direct experience with personal appointments.

We have also printed catalogue which contains best products from our entire collection.