Unique Connection with Nature through Açaí Seeds

Is there a way to link people with nature through jewellery? We believe it is. After all, there is nothing purer than the seed of a tree - the fruit of life. We ask Mother Nature's permission to show all the charms she offers us through this delicate handmade piece of jewellery. The Açaí seed…
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The seasons are changing

The seasons are changing as you watch the first leaves start to appear on the trees so we have decided to have a quiet walk in the country of South American lands. At times like this nature can be so breathtakingly beautiful you wish you could capture this moment forever. Mother Nature can't make time…
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Introducing the Awesome Belt of the New Natural Style

High-natural fashion cutting-edge, fresh-from-the-runway belts which during this season's shows, a new kind of belt that we're betting will make its way around your waist. The biggest difference between this new breed and the belts you already own is that these are adjusting naturally to your shape, which makes it perfect for any outfit.
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